Zune won't undercut Apple's price

I really thought Microsoft would undercut the 30GB iPod by 10 or 20 dollars. The fact that they havn’t seems in my opinion at least to be market suicide. I mean iPods sell because they do the job and they have the cool factor which Zune, although is one of the best products Microsoft (or Toshiba) have produced, MS have always struggled with their image, never appearing as a cool company.

So as far as I see it, it’s Apple 2 – Microsoft 1 where the iPod wins in the cool stakes. Then again, it probably wins hands down on available content, ease of use of hardware and software, minimalistic looks etc. I just can’t see it becoming the new fashion statement to have a Zune. Despite the fact that the Zune has built in wi-fi and an FM radio I can’t see that bridging the gap enough for them to outsell Apple this holiday season.

You can find it on November the 14th for $249.99 in the US.