HP buys VooDooPC

I havn’t seen much of VooDooPC before now. I looked at their site once to check out what they had to offer. What it looked like to me was a company that sold high end pc’s catering to gamers (with very deep pockets). I’m not sure exactly if I’m right in saying this but I think they even edge over Alienware’s prices which is pretty hard to believe.

So Dell and Alienware, HP (still digesting compaq) and VooDooPC. This should make the market more interesting and hopefully more price competitive.

I’m actually surprised though that anyone buys VooDoo Notebooks over MacBook Pro’s. You pay more money for a computer that lacks in the style department when compared to the macbook range, has an inferior operating system and less good software bundled with it. Well it does have a tatoo design on it so that must be what makes it so exclusive.

Have they heard of stickers?