The problem with most computer makers

The issue I always seem to find with most pc makers is that they have overloaded product lists. They have so many diferent variations of similar models that it makes the choice between even models from one brand difficult, nevermind from a number of brands.

Seing as I blog a lot about Apple here is where you would expect me to commend them for having a simpler product line. I need to be less predictable. But still, it’s true. MacBook, MacBook Pro, I don’t know anyone else who make it as simple as that.

When you look at Sony’s vaio notebook range it isn’t as easy by a long way. The A series is their top model with blu-ray and a big 17 inch screen. Then you have the FE and FS which look slightly slimmer, both with 15 inch screens. Then the new S series which looks nice and has a 13 inch screen. These would seem like enough to satisfy most people to me, but Sony don’t see it like that. They have a whole load of models which include: SZ, TX, N, C and BX series’s, not forgetting the ones I already mentioned

These laptops are unique and do look cool so I’ll have to cut Sony some slack on them at least, especially since they were created to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Vaio.
I think in this area PC laptop manufacturers can learn a lot from Apple who just keep things simple.

I do like other makes apart from Apple. the problem is getting windows as standard which at least until vista comes out isn’t too much fun. Then Ubuntu isn’t really ready to be used by the vast majority of people yet anyway. It needs work with functionality like wireless and ease of installing software.