Open Source your Wi-Fi with FON

That’s what I think anyway. What would happen if everyone shared their broadband connection with their router. Well some people already do and they don’t need a FON router (la fonera) to do this. They just don’t set up WEP security on theirs. This is ok, but what if you want to share but also want to have a private network to share files with computers in your house?

Well there might be a way to do it with an ordinary router, but FON makes it simple. You get given two networks by default, one is the private one for local filesharing and gaming between pc’s. The other is the FON sharing network which only FON members can use.

Here’s what they say about security on the FON site’s FAQ:

La Fonera offers you two wireless network signals (SSIDs), a private and a public one. The private signal is encrypted and offers you complete privacy.The public signal will be accessible to Foneros only. This signal is the one that turns your broadband connection into a FON Access Point.Furthermore, all Foneros connecting to the public WiFi signal within the FON Community are registered users. They need to identify themselves by a username and password.Running an Access Point with La Fonera is not only secure but also easy to control. You can choose the amount of bandwidth you want to share.

FON – What is La Fonera?

There are three types of Fonero’s, see pic:

Most people will be LINUS’s with a few aliens (who don’t share but pay low costs for day passes to the FON network). Bill’s are the ones who make money from their FON router enabled wi-fi connection.

After a few teething problems my Linksys router is now FON compatible although I think to be able to take advantage of all the features of FON you may be better off buying la fonera from the fon site. Especially if you don’t already have a router.