Does DRM hurt iTunes?

So would iTunes be bigger and more successful than it is now (they havn’t done too badly) if they didn’t use digital rights management to prevent people from accessing the music on more than five pc’s / mac’s?

I guess inevitably it would benefit from not using DRM. The one thing I don’t get is why they do it at all since it’s easy to just burn the music to a disk and rip it back to get it DRM free forever.

I guess the thing is they are under pressure from the music companies that want them to do it because they don’t believe people are clever enough to think of that, even though apple express the importance of backing up to CD when you finish downloading anything from the store. I guess you could argue backing up is backing up and not creating a drm free copy to a lot of users.

If they didn’t have DRM, like eMusic don’t then they would also be limited to just the independants because the big record companies won’t have any of it. I’m sure if Apple had a choice in the matter they would ditch DRM in an instant.

The only reason they should keep the technology (but not the DRM itself, and only if it is this technology that enables it) is to allow the functionality that enables iPods to recognise itunes accounts on another pc and upload content from the iPod to the computer.