Virgin to help out the environment too

Virgin Atlantic 747-400 in flight

Sir Richard Branson is to donate $3bn (£1.6bn) to fight global warming.

The Virgin boss said he would give all profits from his travel firms, such as airline Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Trains, over the next 10 years.

One of the UK’s best known entrepreneurs, he made the announcement at a news conference in New York.

Worth an estimated £3bn, Sir Richard started his career in the record industry before moving into everything from mobile phones to credit cards.

“We are very pleased today to be making a commitment to invest 100% of all future proceeds to the Virgin Group from our transportation interest, both our trains and airline businesses, into tackling global warming,” he said.

BBC NEWS | Business | Branson makes $3bn climate pledge

Richard Branson has pledged to give all profits of his Virgin transport businesses (airline and trains) up to 2010 to charity to help fight global warming. Great stuff although.