iPod Nano 2nd Gen review

I just got my new iPod Nano yesterday. I thought it was about time to upgrade from my old iPod Mini I bought in 2004. The new nano may look like a sized down version of the mini but that’s about where the similarities end.

The new nano has the same capacity (4gb) as the old one but seing as my music collection adds up to around 2.3 gb its not a massive concern. The capacity may be the same, but the storage medium has changed dramatically. The Mini, like the iPod had a small hard disk that would whirr away wasting battery life constantly which wasn’t ideal looking back. Now the nano has flash memory (no moving parts) which speeds things up and allows it to use less power.

It has a colour screen which looks really nice and allows you to view album art either small next to the track info or larger on it’s own but pressing the middle button a few times. You can view pictures on the small screen in surprisingly good quality which is a nice feature.

I’m not really bothered about the lack of video on the nano which is one reason I bought it over the iPod. The second reason would be the fact that it costs significantly less than the Mini did, £129 compared to £169 for the mini back a couple of years ago.

Finally, the most obvious reason for upgrading is the difference in size. The nano is so small and light it makes the mini feel like a brick in comparison. The mini was considered small and light enough to not feel it in your pocket (which was true). However, the nano truly is small and light enough to forget your carrying it. It’s a true marvel of engineering and build quality from Apple. I’d advise anyone to go and grab one. Especially people with a mini or earlier ipod.