Why you should get a Wii

Nintendo (despite pricing too high in the UK) are really impressing me with the Wii. It has some great games to come, great features (opera browser), wii-mote controller, Wii sports bundled with it etc.The fact that they are so accomodating to gamers in offering them an alternative to the wii-remote in the form of the classic controller which plugs into the remote.

I really like the look of it, it’s so simplistic and reminds me a lot of the classic snes controller while retaining all the features and buttons of the wii-mote.

Pic below.

Plus you can’t forget the nunchuck controller extension that also has movement sensors. In Wii Sports Boxing the nunchuck and remote combine to be both your hands. You can move to dodge and punch your opponents.

Finally, there’s the Zapper extension which is an enclosure for the remote that allows it to play more like a gun than it does normally.

I can’t wait for December 8th.