Can mobile net get better?

Well I’m sure it can’t get that much worse. Here are the things I think are wrong with it.

  1. You get charged loads if you aren’t on contract with unlimited net usage.
  2. The screens on most phones are too small to fit anything more than just text and a few small images on.
  3. Even sites with hardly any textual content or easy to navigate sites like blogs can take forever to scroll through because of the size of the screen.
  4. It looks horrible and is only really useful for checking the news or sports scores.

So will the .mobi domain name help. My guess is probably not (at least not in the short term). I mean why do you need to have a domain just for mobiles when you could just go with the current sort-of-standards, or

I noticed is up now but it’s the same content as So that’s real progression then. I guess the only real advantage in it is it’s more catchy and it will help to spread the word to people who never knew there was such a thing as internet on mobiles.

I think for mobile net to succeed, operators need to stop ripping pay as you go customers off, or offer better bolt-on packages for pay and go people for low, tempting prices. Then phones have to get more net friendly and people have to be aware of how the service can help them, and that they won’t get ripped off by it.

Just incase you’re interested in what .mobi is right now and where it’s going, take a look.