Yet more video iPod rumours

It’s not even been a week since the “Showtime” event in San Francisco but already people are talking about the “new” iPod video being just a short term thing to keep people interested for just a few months longer so Apple can get their true video iPod out. I guess that’s the natural view to take when Apple hardly changed anything with the 5th gen iPod hardware wise last week.

Some people think we will see another new one before christmas. I highly doubt this because it would leave Apple with a whole load of unsold 5th gen iPods.

Then again maybe they would scrap only the 80gb version in favour of the new touch widescreen model and keep the 30gb version as is, maybe with yet another price cut. If Apple are going to release another one before christmas then they’re running out of time fast.

Then if they were planning to release it early next year it might be a mistake as there is little interest in purchasing new stuff after the holiday buying season. Plus, by next christmas the hype surrounding the new model would have died down so much Apple will be having trouble selling them. Unless they gave them a capacity and battery life a boost or something (similar to what they did on tuesday).

I really have no idea what to think. You never no what to expect with Apple is one thing I’ve learned quickly.