Most music on iPods isn't from iTunes (breaking news)

Despite the success of Apple iTunes, few people stock their iPod with tracks from the online store, reports a study.

The Jupiter Research report reveals that, on average, only 20 of the tracks on a iPod will be from the iTunes shop.

Far more important to iPod owners, said the study, was free music ripped from CDs someone already owned or acquired from file-sharing sites.

The report’s authors claimed their findings had profound implications for the future of the online music market.

BBC NEWS | Technology | iPod fans ‘shunning iTunes store’

I’m pretty sure this is non-news.

Surely anyone could guess that most people will have most of their music on their iPods from CD’s. Simply because CD’s have been around for a long time, iPods for 4 years. Plus, I’ve never read anything that states you can only listen to downloaded music purchased from The iTunes Store and nowhere else. (Obviously that means other legal sites and not limewire).

eMusic have an image of an iPod and it says that all music from eMusic will work on iPod and other MP3 players quite promintently on their front page. Content from all download sites will work on iPod. Even sites that download in wma format. iTunes can convert them when it imports them to the library. Then of course there’s the fact that people use Limewire / bittorrent / whatever other illegal download service they may use to obtain tracks.

I think I may be in the exception from this report who do have a large proportion of their music from the iTunes Store. At first I only had CD music (proves my point) but my iTunes collection has probably grown almost as big as the CD collection by now. The only other music I have is a couple of albums from the eMusic trial offer.

I think you get to a point when CD cases become clutter and there is no novelty in having the inlay and album art. How much of a better idea is it to have all you’re music (complete with high quality album art) on your small macbook rather than in huge CD rack?

Going by that and the fact that people who still buy CDs may just be worried about losing the files or losing the rights to play them, as people get more confident with the technology it will grow bigger and bigger. Plus if you backup the music to more than one pc, external hard drive, iPod and of course CD’s then how is it in danger. It’s no less secure than having bought a CD from a store and ripping it.