Wii UK pricing revealed

Nintendo Wii

It seemed logical to me seing that $249 works out at approx £130 to expect a price around £130 – £140. However, According to Engadget that won’t be the case. Instead, a hefty price of £179.99 is what it will sell for here. Wow is all I can say. So much for the Wii being by far the least expensive (compared to the core systems), and so much for our price being fair when compared to the US one, (probably VAT rearing it’s ugly head).

Well, maybe I’m being too hasty, yes it’s more than it should have been, but at least it will be here before christmas, and at least its a lot cheaper than the full versions of the PS3 and Xbox which school boys weep at reading the prices of. The games are actually priced better than the Xbox, they will be between £34.99 and £39.99. I was relly hoping Nintendo would start the trend of bringing the prices down to at least £35, maybe £30 but I’m just hoping (against chance) that some good games will be less than £39.99.
So £179 on December 8th in the UK.

In the box you will get:

  • Console
  • 1 Wii-mote
  • 1 Nunchuck controller extension
  • Wii sports (which does go some way to justifying the price).

It looks good. The core Xbox 360 is currently £199.99 and £219.99 with a game. The full console is £300. The PS3 was said somewhere to be possibly priced at £400 or more for the full system. I would guess £300 for the basic one. If that is the case they might be pricing themselves out of the market.

When the 360’s external hard drive comes out, it has been said (on engadget) that the price of just that alone could be near £200. I mean who even wants an external drive, nevermind who will pay that much for it. The other rumour is they might make a bundle for a considerably lower price so that would be better for people who don’t already have a 360.

So overall, The Wii is competitively priced with the core systems of the other two console makers even though the price is dissapointingly high. Oh well, I’m still first in line for one. it’ll be worth every penny for every Nintendo fan.