The Zune-r Landing

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The Zune will be launched by Microsoft tomorrow according to engadget.

This is suppost to be an iPod killer. I don’t see that happening anytime zune. Especially if the Zune is priced the same as the 60gb iPod when it has the features of the 30gb version. Well, at least that’s what the rumours say so we’ll see whether there is any truth in them soon.

I would have to predict that even if the Zune is priced competitively with the iPod 30gb (or 60 if it has the same specs) I can’t see it making a dent into Apple’s market share.

Microsoft are doing pretty well in the gaming market at them moment I’m pretty sure, although I think they were losing money at some point on the original Xbox. They also have this product called Windows that makes them a bit of extra pocket change. Why can’t they just be satisfied with that and concentrate on making them better, rather than spreading themselves too thin and taking risks with portable music / video players.