So what's next for Apple?

We’ve seen all the new ones released yesterday, most notably for me the new nano with 24 hour battery life. It was a little dissapointing to see the video iPod not really getting any major update other than more video battery life and gapless playback.

Then again the rumours of a widecreen touch iPod video and iPhone ended up taking lives of their own and in reality it wasn’t likely. It might be possible within the next year though. I mean Apple will need to bump up the iPod video at some point quite radically to maintain good sales and keep people interested.

Away from all the stuff released in the last week (iMac’s, Mac Mini and all the stuff from yesterday) where are Apple heading now? I would guess the next big thing for them will be Upgraded MacBooks / Pros, iTV and then Leopard. But who knows with Apple. It might not be that far away that we see quad core chips in Macs.

Like I’ve said before, now that Apple have transitioned the Mac line over to Intel, all they have to do is stick better components in their machines and watch the profits roll in. Which means they can spend more of their time innovating with products such as the iPod, iPod hi-fi, iTV etc.

I’m looking forward to what they come up with. My only concern is over whether enough people will actually buy a Mac when they go to PC World rather than what some people have done and take the first thing that qualifies as a computer. That would usually be something along the lines of a Packard Bell (who for some reason are still in business), Compaq / HP and the others, all of course bundled with Windows XP. By the way we have a Compaq presario from PC world. Fair play to them PC’s do get viruses / spyware even when they do have anti-bad stuff apps on them but they weren’t designed that way by the manufacturers.

The reason I say this is a multitude of things. People can’t say that Macs are overpriced anymore. They can’t say they aren’t fast, can’t run windows stuff and all the usual things. Therefore I hope the Mac market share goes way up in the next year. If not it would be a shame but I guess the less Macs there are around, the more exclusive it feels.