Get some free music!

Yes, I did say FREE music. eMusic, now available in the UK generously allows you 24 songs when you sign up for an account. I thought at first, this is too good to be true and I’ll have to pay a subcription fee. But no you can download up to the 24 songs without any charge or obligation to subscribe. The only downside is you have to give your card details when you sign up. Nothing wrong with that. But if you don’t keep refreshing to see how many free downloads you have remaining and accidentally go over by one, you will be charged a month’s subscription.

Once you have used your free downloads, you can cancel your account to make sure you aren’t charged, or you can download more and pay. It’s up to you and your music taste.

There are some pretty good bands on eMusic, despite the major labels not wanting to be a part of it at this point in time (due to the pricing and possibly the free trial scheme).

Among the bands available are Arctic Monkeys, The Raconteurs (my two picks for the free downloads), The White Stripes, Franz Ferdinand and more.

Just so eMusic don’t think I’m saying it’s not worth subcribing, I’m not. Personally I like the iTunes pay-per-track/album format more than a subscription where your pressured into downloading stuff when maybe there isn’t anything you want. Then for people into new, upcoming or underground bands who don’t mind subscribing, it’s a great service.

Plus I’m an Apple fan and all the Major labels put their Artists on iTunes, hence a much more comprehensive selection.