Apple don't dissapoint

New iPod, iPod Nano and an upgraded Shuffle all out today. Not to mention movies on the NEW iTunes 7, iPod games, plus iTV, a way of streaming content to your tv from your Mac or PC (though I think Apple should consult the UK broadcaster ITV before using that name).

So the new stuff, it’s cool. Not really too much more to say than that. But I do have something to say about iPod Games. I like them when at first I thought I would hate and dismiss them entirely. I like them because they make good use of the clickwheel, and they aren’t trying to do too much like a lot of mobile phone games do. The fact that they are so simple and easy to play on a device not really thought of as a potential gaming machine is a great thing. After watching the previews on the store I wouldn’t mind having Vortex or Zuma when I’m on the go. Maybe even tetris, although I’ve been exposed to that enough on our windows best of entertainment pack (for windows 95/98 but for some reason can still manage to annoy me on xp) which I can never seem to do well enough at to get on the high scores.

Moving on from my Tetris related issues, I’m really liking the new iPod nano and the advert is equally great. Strange really liking the ad which is all about the mini style colours and not actually liking anthing other than silver or black. Either way, heres a little of the coolness.

iPod nanos

Theres too much to talk about, and I said I didn’t have much to say, but it’s great that Apple have made the Shuffle really cool. Before I was wondering how many people would buy it considering how dull it looked. Now it’s been made much more obvious why you would pick the Shuffle over the other two. It’s really good value, it has a fairly good amount of storage space, it makes the Nano look like a brick and the iPod a house and it’s so wearable you might see marathon runners listening to them mid-race soon.

Finally, iTunes 7 is such a massive improvement: looks, function, layout, features, iPod management are all much better. Downloading album art and being able to flip through it in cover browser is great. The view which shows album art and the tracks next to it is nice and the fact that you can still just use it how it worked before if you want just rounds it off nicely.

Incase I missed something, everything was cool.