Is the music business spiraling out of control?

Spiral Frog

To say I’m excited about Spiral Frog is an understatement, but at the same time it’s not so great. I mean what impact will this have on iTunes? Surely free ad-supported music and video downloads has to make a considerable dent in Apple’s future selling power, unless of course they have something up their sleeves which I wouldn’t put past them.

What kind of strain will SpiralFrog’s servers be under? it could overshadow YouTube in traffic by a long way. I mean who will turn down FREE music for the sake of avoiding a few banner ads like the ones on Myspace we all love.

At least the music can be imported into iTunes and used with your iPod. Some consolation for Apple if the worst scenrio was to become a reality and they lose a considerable chunk of their market share to SpiralFrog.

Looking through the Universal and EMI list of artists I can see a lot of big names except the ones signed by Warner Records and others, MUSE are one of these such bands. Who knows if Warner are going to be onboard soon but I would have to guess they probably will at some point if it proves to be a success.