New AppZapper… and what is Disco?

Version 1.7 of AppZapper has been released. The update (free to all registered users) allows you to package an app and it’s supporting files onto USB drives. Here are the release notes from

  • You can now “pack” or export an app and its related files for storing on USB keys and such
  • QuickZap now displays iPod updaters, letting you easily get rid of old ones
  • Now finds related PDF services
  • Updated Polish localization
  • AppZapper no longer crashes when an empty folder is dragged over it
  • Various optimizations and minor fixes
  • Minor cosmetic tweak


So while I was at AppZapper’s site I had a look on their blog. It seems I’ve missed the boat for the low price offer for Disco, their new app coming soon (to buy it without knowing what it is or does) but I’m still interested in it. They have released a couple of small screenshots of the interface and a description of some of the features (except of course the main use of the app). Here they are:

“Like AppZapper, it is a simple and sexy utility

  • It has 3d particle effects
  • It can take advantage of the motion sensor on a laptop
  • It can detect when you blow in the microphone
  • The above 3 features are totally unrelated to the core function”

I like how they put at the end there, the above 3 features have nothing to do with the core function.

But even so, I would just buy this thing for how it looks, they’re right, nice looking icons and interfaces do sell so with that in mind, take a look at the screens of it.

DisCo preview

Now that is cool, especially the fact that the buttons are different from the standard mac style. It makes me wonder if this will be a Mac skinning app, similar in interface design simplicity to UNO but with more options.

Or maybe the name Disco is actually discriptive of the function in that it is something to do with sound and movement visualisation. (This is me just trying to integrate all of the things in the features list above together, plus I saw someone else post that same idea).

I guess really judging from the features it makes me think my first idea is completely wrong, but then it does say that these features are totally unrelated to the core function.