Overflowing Dock?

Overflow for Mac is a cool tool which allows you to keep your dock clean of excess icons for apps you rarely use. Overflow replaces all of these icons with a single icon which opens Overflow. You can change a range of settings in Overflow. These incluse the size of the icons, the background colour, label options and more.

Although it looks nice and does the job well enough, I get the feeling that maybe the creator of this has got their pricing wrong. This app probably has a niche market and therefore it should really be free and open source, as opposed to the $18 price tag after the free trial.

So I would advise to steer clear of this (despite how good it looks) and get Quicksilver which as I just mentioned has been updated (and it’s free).

Another problem I can see with this is the icon reminds me a lot of the upcoming leopard feature Spaces. I’m not sure if Spaces will have a dock icon or it’s preferences being in the system prefs (probably more likely) but even so.