Mark September 12th in your iCal among others are expecting Apple to release several new products at their September 12th event coming up.

The expected products include updated iPod nano’s, 5th Gen iPods, both with larger capacities at the same prices but unfortunatly no touch screen for the new iPod as has been rumoured around too.

Alongside the iPods are to be possibly updated Mac’s with Core Duo 2’s in them. This may include MacBook / Pro and the iMac. Apple may also take this opportunity to put a better chip in the standard Mac Mini instead of the core solo chip.

The most exciting of the Mac rumours has to be the iMac. Apparently Apple may be about to introduce a 23 inch model. If they do this, I would guess that they will probably keep the 17 and 20 inch models too.

The reason for this is that most general computer users don’t require anything bigger than 17 inches, so to remove that size would be a mistake. The 20 inch version could make way for the 23 inch. However, that would make the gap between the two remaining models huge, 6 inches difference is a lot, especially when you consider that the iMac (at least until now) is targetted at consumers who don’t need 23 inch screens.

releasing a 23 inch iMac gives me mixed thoughts. On one hand it’s cool because it’s a bigger screen and that means more resolution, more space for stuff etc. Then on the other hand wouldn’t it move into the mac pro’s territory by being aimed more at professionals? I’m not sure.

Then I guess maybe it could be Apple pioneering as only they do. Maybe they know the cost of screens and graphics cards is coming down and the demand for larger screened desktop computers ever increasing. It would make sense seing as the PC is now more a multi-use entertainment device than ever before, and it’s set to become more and more the case with Microsoft’s Media Center and Apple’s Front Row which is to be updated in Leopard next spring.

I guess it’s the waiting game.