Firefox 2 Beta 2

FF 2b2 has just been released and I’ve just installed it over the first beta. It looks ok, they’ve made a change to the general look of it to make it more stylish up modern looking. The icons are pretty nice and I like the gradient that appears when you hover over an item in the links bar.

Most of the visible changes are in the top of the browser window but there are some other things lying hidden away at first. One of which is a better way of dealing with feeds.

Now you can set a feed reader to always subscribe to feeds with (as in beta 1), but in beta 2 you can also set no reader in order to get a page appear with the feed’s contents. You can then pick a reader and subscribe then. This is similar to the feed reading ability Flock now has, except with Firefox you get a choice of reader which is probably something Flock should think about adding in.

But saying that, there won’t be too many people who use Flock for blogging and photo sharing and firefox / netnewswire for browsing and feed reading. I guess for the few who do it’d be nice to have that feature in there. Can’t be too hard to add it in.

The preferences in Beta 2 looks nicer than before, the graphics are better and everything seems to be making the best use of space. There is no longer a seperate tab for downloads in an attempt to simplify things.