Is self employment possible these days?

Everyone would like to be able to come up with a successful plan to make money, but how do you get it? I mean the world has gone past the stage where pretty much everything has been done. Now when you think you’ve got something unique, you’ll probably get dissapointed sooner or later.

For example you might come up with a great business name only to find every domain for that name has been taken or possibly trademarked.

I think the last thing was the Million Dollar Homepage which I’ve talked about before. The creator Alex Tew is just a guy around my age who took a chance, for it to pay off bigtime. You have to respect that.

When you want to do web design for example, what can you do that no one else out of the hundreds of others can’t. I can think of a couple of things but it will also limit the size of the client companies you can work for.

I get the feeling that maybe the simpler, the better. I bet there’s a fair amount to be made in the lemonade business.