Crossover for Mac

This is pretty cool. It’s a way of running Windows apps as if they were Mac apps with no trace of anything windows, unless you wanted to install Internet Explorer 6. i installed it for a min and during the few mins I could stomach the look of it I did get it to work and unlike engadget who couldn’t get it to load anything, I had a quick surf with it. IE didn’t scroll well at all with the trackpad which meant I had to use the arrows which wasn’t ideal.

For a program that’s suppost to run natively, it was pretty slow and dissapointing. I was hoping to be able to install blaxxun contact (3d viewer that is designed to work only on windows and only on IE 6) but unfortunatly it gave an error when it was on 100% of the installation. The installer did work ok up until that point and worked in the same way as on windows.

Installing is easy, it works with compatible exe files and CD’s / DVD’s as well as the built in installer system which reminds me of the linux / ubuntu installer.

Seing as the only thing I would really want Windows for are to play some games and possibly get 3d working (which is doesn’t) this is probably the thing for me when compared with boot camp or parralels but the problem for me would be paying the money for the games and crossover without knowing for certain if they will be compatible (or run well enough). On the other hand I do have an old Windows box to play it on so it wouldn’t be a total lost cause.

Either way, if you have an intel Mac and a few windows games, why not give this a try.