Pearl Blackberry Update

He’s back, and this time he’s brought some freaking videos with him. That’s right, the Boy Genius has a BlackBerry Pearl (8100) and shot some footage of the damned thing in action.

The Boy Genius Report: BlackBerry Pearl 8100 pics and videos! – Engadget Mobile

The camera function shows RIM are trying to make Blackberry more appealing to non-business customers. Sounds good to me.

It’s pretty small, decievingly small for a phone with an almost full size keyboard.

The only problem is, I just got my O2 X3 (Benq Siemens S70) working with my memory card reader (thanks to finding the SD / Mini SD adapter) and hence my Macbook. It’s perfect, for the first time I can drag and drop files on and off the phone without having to use the windows only software which didn’t even work with video or music files. I guess the only thing that isn’t perfect is the quality of the camera which is 1.3 megapixels.

So considering this, why should I spend money on a blackberry? Unless it has a 5MP camera with video and wi-fi I don’t think I’ll be splashing out on one any time soon.