PS3 design, console hard drives and special features

I have to say the PS3 looks okish and it probably will have one or two games that may tempt me but how are you suppost to stack the thing? And why should I pay that amount of money for a console with features I won’t use only to have pay more money for a game to go with it.

Curved top and ps2 like smallness on one side / bottom, thats going to cause a problem in a stack of stuff unless you can put it at the top. Then again it doesn’t look too stackable even on the other side so you might have to come up with another solution if you currently stack your ps2 on-top of your VCR, DVD player or maybe TV box.

It also seems like a step into the realm of the stupid to offer the same thing Microsoft do with the Xbox, two versions of the same thing. One of which with better specs, wireless controllers and in the case of the PS3, according to Engadget a slightly different paint job.

Please someone tell me why you need two different versions of the same thing all of a sudden? I mean why can’t they just keep things simple like Nintendo do. With them a games console plays games but with Sony and MS it also has to play DVD’s, stream stuff from your computer. Oh yeah it has a bigger built in hard drive. How many game saves or music for use in games will fit on 60GB? A lot so what’s the point in making it so big?

Ok to be fair the Wii will have wi-fi, predominantly to play online (for free I might add) but it will also have a browser so on that I can’t complain. Not that it really matters as long as it doesn’t effect the price, and it looks like it won’t affect the Wii’s.

Again, to be fair the PS3 will have Blu-Ray so that will jack the price up but I’m not sure if that will be on the top of the range one only or not. I would guess so but I would just wait for a while to see whether Blu-Ray turns out to be flop or not either way. Then if it does live side by side with hd-dvd then why not get a player that plays both? I’m pretty sure someone is working on one.

I think it’s safe to assume that people generally buy consoles to play games and everyone but Nintendo have forgotten that, and that’s why the other new machines are a rip-off. Nintendo also offer wireless controllers as standard.