Writely open to all (finally)

It took long enough but Writely has been moved to Google’s systems and therefore is now available for everyone who wants an account. For free of course.

Here’s a screen of the main menu which shows and gives you access to all of your docs and the ability to upload new ones and create them from scratch online.

I’m a big fan of Writely. I think it’s another way Google can make the world better and easier. If I was still at college, this would be an invaluable app for me.

I used to have to transport my documents between college and home by a usb stick or by using email which isn’t as good in my opinion.

If I was at college now, I’d like to be able to just create documents online, take a backup of them and be able to edit, make backups at the other end, email, rename, download and edit in word / openoffice, create a pdf from the file or print the file out. I think that’s everything.

The possibilities are exciting and now I’m eagerly anticipating a Google branded presentation creation app to add to Writely and spreadsheets to offer the complete online productivity package to rival office.

ok, so if you want to check it out, click here and make an account.