MacBook Firmware Update

I just got a firmware update for the macbook after seing a post about it in the Macintosh group on Flickr.

It’s ok, it makes the fan more prominent when you’re using it like its going a little now. I’m not sure if it makes any difference to the actual performance of the machine, what it does to battery life, lowering the heat etc. I’ll have to test it a bit more before I can say.

It did get extremely hot when it was in use before after a while of watching videos, dvds and other heavy use.

Like I said, it’s good that apple are making an effort to eliminate the whine you occasionally get on it and make better use of the fan. I miss the silence though.

I’ll use it more heavily later and see what it behaves like now. I still have reservations about putting it on my lap, I tried it just now and it still felt a little too toasty to do that for too long.