I guess Flock has some competition

In the form of Windows Live Writer. Microsoft’s new blogging tool which works with seemingly all the blogging tools Flock does.

It looks ok, but nowhere near as good as flock, is not cross platform (obviously) but the problem for flock is this will catch on if it gets a mention on the live ideas page or msn.

I heard about this from the guy who says he heard about it last so to hear it from them and still blog about it myself, pretty damn lame I know, but still. This is the kind of thing I’m into so it has to be done.

Features wise it has a photo including tool which uploads, however not to flickr. You’re going to need some webspace and an ftp server, to be honest this doesn’t really cut it for me and probably won’t for normal people who don’t do the technical stuff.
See this page for more info and this is a link to the actual file if you can’t be bothered to read about it before trying it out.

So in summary, if you use windows (good chance of that), have a blog (pretty good chance) and want an external app to blog with then get this.

If you want the convenience of having blogging built into your browser so you can copy and paste easier into posts etc as well as the Flickr / Photobucket integration then get Flock because it’s way better.