Be on your guard pink laptop lovers

If anyone out there is planning to buy a laptop in a nice shade of pink anytime soon I urge you to steer very well clear of this thing.

Proving once again that people seem to be willing to overpay for underpowered gadgets that could possibly be seen as “fashionable,” Samsung has released a new £1,300 ($2,460) notebook whose main (read: only) selling point is its bright pink exterior. At this price point we’d expect to see words like “Core Duo” and “GeForce” on the spec sheet, but the new 12.1-inch Q40 only manages to throw down a disappointing 1.2GHz ULV Core Solo processor, just 512MB of RAM, a scant 60GB hard drive capacity, and those integrated Intel graphics which will only please gamers who are into Minesweeper and Sudoku. Still, you are getting a built-in DVD burner and Windows XP Professional as the operating system, so this lappy isn’t a total lost cause. Although the shiny Q40 is available exclusively at PC World, we have a feeling that you’ll soon be seeing it in the hands of celebutantes worldwide, and perhaps even being given away as a door prize on a future episode of My Super Sweet 16.

Samsung’s ultraportable Q40 is pretty in pink – Engadget

I mean it costs double the price of a macbook almost and almost the same as a low end macbook pro and what do you get for your money. Wow is all I can say, and to anyone who has purchased one of these: What were you thinking?

Samsung have really gone down in my estimations now after this and manufacturers, do things targetted at girls really have to be pink? Obviously I’m not female so I can’t have a proper view on this but I’m sure a lot of people will want something in more neutral colours and why should you have to pay more if you want a pink one anyway?

Paint a black dell pink, erm maybe not, just get pink girly stickers and cover the top with it.