Nintendo DS browser coming soon

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Surf in Bed: Nintendo DS Browser hits Japan
Oslo, Norway and Tokyo, Japan – July 24, 2006

Nintendo Co., Ltd. started selling “Nintendo DS Browser” in Japan today via several dedicated Japanese online sales sites. Opera Software’s full-featured browser enables Japanese gamers to surf all their favorite Web sites on the Nintendo DS or DS Lite. The browser is sold as a separate DS card, just like Nintendo DS games, and will come with an extra memory expansion cartridge so that users can access full Internet content by utilizing Wi-Fi environments at home, Nintendo’s dedicated Wi-Fi Stations and free accessing spots.

The Nintendo DS Browser is available in Japan at a retail price of 3,800 yen (tax included) and can be purchased online at Nintendo-authorized sales sites. The Nintendo DS browser represents Opera Software’s first product deployment with Nintendo. Nintendo has also selected Opera to be the browser for its new game console, Wii, expected on the market during the fourth quarter of 2006.

“Opera takes the Nintendo DS to another level with its Web browser by making use of the DS’s capabilities as an online interaction tool,” says Scott Hedrick, Executive Vice President, Opera Software. “Many of us at Opera are big DS fans, and our engineers worked closely with Nintendo to tailor Opera’s rendering modes to suit special DS features, such as the touch screen, resulting in a fantastic user experience. Browsing with Opera on the DS is a totally unique way to surf the Internet.”

Surf in Bed: Nintendo DS Browser from Opera hits Japan

That looks amazing.

How can you not like the easy to use touch based navigation?

I’ve already blogged about this before but it’s been released in Japan and it’s on it’s way here soon.

This addition (which is great work by both nintendo and opera) makes the DS even more desirable, even to people who don’t want to use it to play games.

Why? Because I can’t think of another device available that has the features the DS has (wi-fi, easy to use fully featured browser, chat client etc), not forgetting it’s looks for the same price.

(I’m guessing the Opera cartridge will cost around £30 so thats £130 for a great device.

PSP does have wi-fi browsing built in as standard but it does cost more by about £30 (assuming you buy a DS and a PSP both with one game and the opera expansion for the DS).

I like the PSP but touch screen and the innovation of both nintendo and opera make the DS a far tastier prospect for ultra-mobile browsing.

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>>I’m not a massive fan of Opera but it is one of the most standards complient.

True, but I’ve found Mozilla more stable (on SuSE Linux atleast).

>>Plus I can’t see Mozilla doing it

Explain, if you will.

>>and don’t want to see IE DS.


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