What's the perfect phone?

How do you get the perfect phone?

Nokia N93

I like the coolness of the Nokia N93, I like the usefulness of a Blackberry with it’s big screen for web browsing and watching mobile tv. However, the thought of the offspring of these two phones doesn’t appeal much. I mean a swivel phone with a huge screen and a qwerty keyboard would be clumsy and easily breakable.

Blackberry handheld Range

So what are the features that would make the perfect phone?

These are my choices (in the order I thought of them, not preference) :

  • A good quality camera (above 3 mpxls) that takes good quality video as well as stills.
  • Good looking (can be either N93 swivel or blackberry style but not a combination)
  • 3G (fast internet, video calling, mobile TV maybe)
  • Some kind of audio: mp3, digital radio. (digital radio will be more important to more people because of people like me who have an ipod which can hold far more music and just like to have a seperate device for listening.
  • Recordable ringtones (record your favourite song as the ringtone and save money)
  • Speakerphone (goes without saying if video calling is included)
  • Seamless Mac compatability by either usb or bluetooth.
  • Wi-Fi (probably one of the most imortant things because operators prices on mobile internet are a rip-off
  • Some kind of calendar / organiser / jotter down app.
  • Maybe a touch screen with a stylus
  • Looking into the future a bit, an entirely touch screen interface with no actual buttons, enabling the interface to change to suit the current function.
  • The ability to share a connection to 3G internet with a laptop via bluetooth or usb when no wi-fi access is available.

OK, that sounds perfect to me, now it’s just the waiting game to see what the manufactufers can do.