The new stuff in Leopard… Worth it?

From the sneak peak of Leopard on the Apple site, I really like the new features they’re adding.

Most notably spaces

Spaces looks to me like a kind of expose of virtual desktops, I’m guessing each of which can be expose’d for even easier access to apps. Nothing can ever get lost again. Ok maybe it is possible but thats not the only advantage.
Sometimes I have to minimise or hide windows when I’m working on something in the gimp because it’s easy for one of the gimp’s 3 (or more) windows to get hidden behind a browser or itunes or whatever else you have open.

Now you just use a seperate space for gimp, a seperate one for nvu and a seperate one for everything else.

Other stuff in Leopard

Other things talked about in the keynote were:

  • time machine
  • mail
  • ichat
  • dashboard
  • spotlight
  • new version of front row, boot camp included.

There were a couple of other things but these were the ones I have stuff to say about.

Time machine is a great addition and makes windows xp’s system restore look very old indeed. Not only can you reset the entire computer back to a date but you can search back for files deleted from apps you have open, contacts, photos, videos etc. The interface looks amazing too.

Mail has some new templates and stuff included, for me personally I don’t think any of this stuff will make any difference to me since I mainly use thunderbird but it looks good for the people who do use mail and like templates.

iChat now has things including drag and drop backgrounds and more importantly, photo sharing and remote computer viewing. The backgrounds are ok for some fun but its the other stuff that makes me want to make better use of ichat compared to the 0 time I use it now.
Dashboard and dashcode are great. I like the idea of being able to create widgets so easily but with the ability to be more creative and do more than just select a template and click create.

Spotlight will be interesting. They say it will make a good application launcher which makes me wonder if I will still have a use for quicksilver which is known as the mac platform’s favourite launcher at the moment. I have mine set to only seach for apps so if spotlight did the same thing I probably would switch.

Hopefully Front Row will have some cool new features, maybe some kind of tv thing similar to windows media centre edition.

Now that Boot Camp will be pre-installed and un-beta’d it will be interesting. I guess it means that if you use it in leopard and it messes up your Mac you can claim under applecare or the standard 1 year warranty.

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