Ubuntu Wish List

For Ubuntu to really start to challenge windows and mac in a major way these are the things I’d like to see:

  1. support wireless better (linux drivers, hopefully in .deb format from manufacturers and better wireless network fuinding software pre-installed).
  2. have all major software packaged as .deb and possibly available in the add / remove programs menu. Deb packages should become the .exe of linux and standardise the way installs happen on the platform.
  3. Make it easier to view media like realplayer, windows media and quicktime as well as the other open formats.
  4. Make flash install easier and for all browsers.
  5. Maybe Apple should support iPod and iTunes on Ubuntu. If they support windows then what’s the harm in supporting Ubuntu too?
  6. Better support for formats like .m4a (apple’s itunes music store music format).

If they can do all or at least the important ones out of these things then it will get wider support and more users.