Are PDA's worth having these days?

I was just wondering about this. I always thought pda’s were cool but are they necessary these days?

I mean Palm make pda’s and smartphones. You can use the pda’s with bluetooth phones or wifi for internet and the phone for that calling stuff but why not just combine the two and buy a smartphone which does everything in one (calling, internet and email by wifi or 3G, pda apps, camera, video, mac and windows compatablity etc). It makes sense when roughly estimating, the pda and phone combo will likely come to the same price as the smartphone.

Not sure if I would want or need two devices in my pocket though, especially if I’m in the mood for some mobile gaming and have my DS on hand. On the other hand the pda will have a bigger screen so maybe it’s better for internet etc.

Not to discount BlackBerry. They make some nice stuff but after seing palm I’m edging towards them for my next gadget / saviour from my o2 x3 (made by benq), which only has windows drivers. The fact that Blackberry devices don’t currently have cameras puts me off a bit.

Going completely over to the other side of the argument, even if I had just a normal phone (like I do), they have calendar apps and internet on them (gprs isn’t fun or cheap on pay as you go but even so), I can still do pretty much everything I can with a palm / phone combo or smartphone.

The option of wifi is what is really impressive to me. The freedom to use the net without being charged by your network is great although you’re limited in where you can use it.

finally, going back to the DS, when they bring out the opera browser addition for it, I will be temped by that, clearly because of the huge price difference and the convenience of having only one device on hand, combined with the dual screen nature of the machine and it’s touch screen feature to navigate round the page.

I have a feeling I’ll be back on this topic.