What does it achieve?

An Israeli tank manoeuvres in the Israeli area of Avivim, on its border with Lebanon

I’m struggling to think of any reason why these things are needed. In the middle east they are destroying lives and less importantly the city and buildings that take years to build and seconds to demolish.

I just don’t understand how in this time where we should be focusing on saving resources and going forward with new technology to make life better, countries still get into these conflicts which do no good whatsoever.

HMS Bulwark coming into port at Beirut

Another thing that gets to me is that Brits are being evacuated by the navy (nothing wrong with that) while imagine what it’s like being stuck there from a country which isn’t sending any boats to take you to safety?

In other unrelated news, George Bush has in my opinion shown once again how moronic he is. This time he has veto’d a law which would have lead to possibly huge scientific advances in treating diseases like parkinsons which makes a huge number of people’s lives a misery.

I’m sorry to those who are siding with Bush but in my opinion scientific advances are far more important than stem cells that would likely be destroyed anyway.