The Mac Pro

I wouldn’t be surprised if the rumours about the upcoming desktop mac having the same case as the previous PowerMac G5 because there isn’t much looks wise that can be improved for me. It’s the best looking case on any computer that I’ve seen (mods look overdone and tacky most of the time).

From what I’ve read on tech news sites it’s likely that the new one will have a second optical bay for future inclusion of a blu-ray or hd-dvd drive which would be a nice touch. Other than that I can’t see anything else to change except some flashy things like making the apple logo in the side light up somehow.

I’m more interested in what is being changed in the case. What chips are they using? Core Duo 2 or Xeon server chips? Two new dual core chips (4 cores) would give stunning performance without a doubt. I wonder how many times faster these computers will be than the powermac G5.
One thing I am hoping apple will change are the cinema displays. For one thing they should lower the price a bit to make them more appealing to the majority of people and including an isight camera in the top of the screen to bring it in-line with the rest of the mac line up, except the mac mini.

It will be a nice feeling when Apple ditch the final power pc chipped computer from their line-up because it will finally let them remove the two parts in the hardware and store sections of their site where it says Mac’s with Intel chips and Mac’s with power pc ones. It will also signify Apple moving away from simply consolidating all their current stuff to new chips and just going forward and innovating.