Blackberry to appeal to consumers more?

Media features and lifestyle applications will be key to the ability of Research In Motion’s BlackBerry e-mail device to capture a bigger slice of the broader consumer market, the company’s co-chief executive said on Tuesday.

“We’ll be definitely supporting more forms of media, it’s a big part of our direction,” Jim Balsillie told Reuters, adding that delivering features such as photography, music and video with the BlackBerry “opens up some bigger markets.”

“It’s totally adjacent and complementary in some respects, but also in other respects it lays right on top (of) our existing market.”

The BlackBerry has become a staple for business people, politicians, lawyers and other professionals, but has yet to gain widespread popularity among mainstream users of portable technology.

Balsillie declined to answer a question about RIM partnering with Apple Computer to create what has been dubbed by some as the AppleBerry, a device combining the BlackBerry’s features with iTunes music software, as well as potentially camera and video capabilities.

RIM sees media features building BlackBerry market | Tech News on ZDNet

This looks good. I like blackberry’s but right now although they do have some cool features like internet and email they don’t have a cameras or an emphasis on media or consumer related features.

A partnership with Apple would make them all the more desirable for me at least.