I'm excited about gaming (again).

But as you get a bit older and wiser from the time when it was fine to throw money at expensive games you probably won’t play that much without really thinking about what else the money could do. This is one thing I’m really excited about. The Nintendo DS, and one of the best things about it is the browser opera are building for it. I only heard about the browser after I looked at the DS for it’s gaming (I’m a mario kart addict) but even so, I would have liked it without.

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I’m just excited about Nintendo in general. I really appreciate how they are always innovating in gaming by doing things that no one else would dare try.

Sony and Microsoft are going to stick with the traditional control pad design trying to wow people with the wireless feature which was probably overdue. Not that it hasn’t been done before, I have a Gamecube wavebird wireless controller right now. Nintendo is once more one step ahead by completely reinventing how games are played with the wii-mote.

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I do have a PS2 but I think now I realise I don’t play the kind of games that appear on non-nintendo consoles as much as on the snes, gamecube, gameboy, ds etc.

Aside from the games, it’s a lot about price. The prices of the other consoles seem to just keep going up as they progress from console to console. However, Nintendo seem to be able to invent and pioneer in gaming while still offering their products for consistently affordable (especially in comparison with the others) prices.

The PSP for example is double the price of a DS. I know it plays UMD movies and MP3 music, but who needs that? Plus we all know Sony’s history with their own formats. I like sony, but for gaming I think Nintendo have always been there while Sony and MS are the ones who have tried to come into their market.

The DS is for gaming, and the fact that I will be able to check my email and the latest news from anywhere with a wifi connection with much more portability than a laptop is great, especially for the price.