It looks like the people at ODEO have been busy recently. I noticed they just added links to a couple of new products they are working on right now including odeo play and odeo studio that have been around for a little while now.

The two new services are called hellodeo and twttr (not sure how to pronounce that). Hellodeo is a webcam recording and playing service. I guess the point of it is to record short messages easily so you can embed them in private messages on myspace or in any other html code anywhere.

Twittr is a way to keep people updated on what you’re doing and how you’re feeling by text message and their site. I’m not sure if it’s US only but it looks ok anyway. Have to say it’s not very impressive compared to Hellodeo but it’s always nice to see innovation and new things coming out that may or may not take off.

Either way, back to hellodeo. I like it. It makes recording video so much easier for the less tech minded. It works instantly with my Mac’s isight cam with no settings needing to be changed which is cool. Then theres the advantages of not having to use iMovie or quicktime to record and also not having to spend time uploading the video to a site like youtube or google video which takes too long for just a hello message anyway.

I guess that makes this ideal for messing around and giving people video messages in a similar way to odeo in audio.

The next thing they should do to progress this is to let your videos be private and not be shown on the front page as they are right now. They should also add an ODEO style inbox so you can send someone a message that way without anyone else being able to see it.

Anyway, it’s all cool stuff.