It's pretty shocking…

Even though I knew it was likely that some Italian teams would get demoted to lower leagues I didn’t think it would be as bad as it has been. Three teams have been relegated, most notably Juventus.

Juve have won the title two years in a row and have had the titles taken away from them. As if that wasn’t bad enough they have been given a 30 point penalty at the start of this season. This means they have to win 10 games before they even get above 0 so they will almost certainly be down there at least two seasons. Probably more seing as a team is about good players and no doubt most of their big names will be leaving for other clubs before this season starts.

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The Juventus stadium, the Delle Alpi, home to serie b football.

I feel bad for the players who I don’t think knew about the matchfixing who worked hard to win the title twice. Now they’ve been robbed of their success.

One thing that can’t be taken away from them however is their huge amounts of money and now their world cup win, (except the players who aren’t Italian such as Pavel Nedved).