Blended Thoughts

The big climbdown:

After a month of constant interesting things happening it’s the big climb-down from the world cup and wimbledon to nothing. The people who say “it’s just sport, it’s nothing important” have a point, but still. I like tennis and I sort of like football, and when it all ends at once it’s like a depressing nothingness.

Microsoft’s “iPod beater” :

This pic from engadget is suppost to be what it’s going to look like. Personally I won’t be getting one. It’s suppost to have some kind of xbox tie-in feature and I don’t have an xbox so thats one reason why not. The next iPod will no doubt be better anyway so thats another reason.

Zidane’s Final Game:

I feel bad for the guy. I mean he didn’t bank on getting send off in his final game. He went into it thinking the worst thing that can happen is we lose on penalties and theres a chance I will hold up the world cup for a second time and bow out on a high. The latter failed to happen but it was made worse by headbutting matterazzi. Whatever he said, it’s clear if you lose it it’s going to end up causing you to get the press attention you don’t want.

It would have been ok if the game was memorable for other things or maybe if it wasn’t his last match or an earlier round or group stage. That way he could have redeemed himself. As it is, his career will be remembered for this above anything else.

Oh yeah, incase you missed it, Italy are the world champions.