Why I think Blu-ray is destined to be short lived

I have always been a Sony fan and customer. However, they don’t seem to be able to do it where formats are concerned. Betamax, mini-disc and UMD. Blu-ray I doubt will be any different.

Why? Because its such a non-descriptive name and a lot of people won’t know what it even is or does. Not true with Toshiba’s HD DVD. It’s simple, its descriptive and it makes it obvious that it’s the follow on from DVD. HD is starting to get big now and although there aren’t that many programs broadcast in HD, there will be soon and the fact that HD DVD has HD in the name will make it simple for people when buying and thinking about compatability.

I have said that although I like blu-ray and it may hold more data than hd dvd, it’s pointless to fight over customers and deprive one format of content like movies from Sony pictures for example.

Sony and Toshiba should have come together to try to merge the two formats into one. Everyone would have been a winner. But now thats not possible and it’s bound to end in tears for one of these companies and their backers because people don’t want more complexity than there is right now with dvd r + and – discs that work differenty and can’t be read by all players.