More Xbox Controller Issues

Like many baby boomers, even Xbox chief Peter Moore is getting a little confused by all the buttons and joysticks being crammed onto modern gamepads, and some recent comments he made may indicate that Microsoft is actually working on ways to dumb-down the increasingly complex controller. In an interview with Gamertag radio, Moore seemingly put the “shoulder buttons, triggers, analog sticks, and d-pads” on today’s controllers in a negative light compared to the “old Atari 2600 button-and-stick, which everybody could pick up and have some fun with.” Even Moore’s 14-year-old daughter reportedly finds the 360 controller somewhat confusing, with the man himself mentioning that Microsoft is “doing a lot of stuff there,” but that they won’t release a product that’s not “intuitive and innovative.” We’re all for input devices being as intuitive as possible, but instead of wasting time trying to innovative, maybe Microsoft should just cave in and adopt a certain technology that’s already proving to be pretty popular.

Microsoft planning simpler controller? – Engadget

I thought when Microsoft made the controller s to accomodate smaller hands they had put their control pad woes to rest. However, Nintendo, by doing the predictable and yet again reinventing the controller with the upcoming wii-mote have possibly caused the Xbox team to think about how they can make their controller a bit easier to use and a bit more comfortable to hold.

Nintendo have always in my opinion have always been the great innovator in gaming. Especially in the controller aspect. From the N64 onwards the controllers have been comfortable and easy to use. The PS2 pad is good and easy to use but the Gamecube one just makes it seem ordinary. It feels as if people have put a lot of work into making it comfortable and simple to use. The size of the buttons, the way it fits exactly to your hands. You know where every button is and don’t have to stretch to reach any of them.



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