Numero UNO

A review of UNO, the Mac OSX skinning app

UNO is a very nice skinning app. There are a few plus points to it. Let me highlight them quickly.

  1. It makes Finder, iTunes, Firefox etc look much nicer.
  2. Unlike Window’s chief skinning app, Windowblinds, the free version (there is no paid version unlike windowblinds) doesn’t make itself known except when you install it. Windowblinds comes up with a splash screen every time you boot up and keeps an icon in the taskbar (really great stuff there).

Don’t get me wrong, I like the brushed look of finder and the different look of itunes. However, with UNO you can provide the system with more consistancy and give more of a mac feel to apps like firefox which don’t give that feel by default.

Rating: 10/10 – It does the job, simply, with style, without being obtrusive or greedy for your money. Perfect.