Messing with QuickSilver

I’ve spent some time today just figuring out all the features of QuickSilver and setting it up just how I want it.

Check out the below screen as well as the other ones in the set for the coolest way to browse your iTunes library and play tracks.

Is that not cool?

Rating: 9/10 – It takes a while to figure out how to get the special advanced features working but once you do its a great app. Oh yeah its also a great app without the iTunes feature above.

The original point of the app was purely an app launcher saving the time spent opening the apps folder in finder and double clicking. It’s so much quicker to do ctrl space and typing the first two letters of the app’s name and hitting enter to open it. Heres a pic of it doing what it was originally intended to do:

Get Quicksilver here. Get a good tutorial on how to set up the advanced features here and here.