Opera 9 Review

Opera 9 has just been released. I have to admit, I have never liked opera up until now. Before it had adverts from google making the whole thing look uncool. Not only that but it had a bad, “classic” interface and colour scheme.

The new version however, has some really nice features. Most of them were in the last one but a few things I like are:

  1. The sidebar that can be set to only appear when you click the tiny tab on the left.
  2. The buttons look a lot more modern and acceptable especially on the Mac version. I havn’t checked but the Windows version might still have the old interface I can’t take.
  3. I like how you can set the interface up, it is simplistic and minimalist which is nice. The buttons don’t feel obtrusive and the search box (although not as good as flock) is still good.
  4. The design is so typically Mac. The style of the buttons are the rounded OSX ones. The blue highlight on text boxes / the address bar is nice and camino / mac like.

Ok, so the new Opera is good (or at least the Mac version is). It’s good I have to say but I just don’t feel like I can move away from the Mozilla combo, Firefox and Flock because I’m so used to them. Still, a good browser and a huge improvement from the last version.

Rating: 8/10