Universal Nvu

Where is it?

I have been looking for an open source alternative to Dreamweaver recently and I found nvu. Yes, its got big shoes to fill if it’s going to compete with Macromedia / Adobe. However, from what I’ve seen of it so far from screenshots it does compete well.

The one problem I have is no one seems to have released a universal binary of the program yet for the new intel macs. I want this now because right now my mac crashes completely every time I try to open it. I will download it on windows later and have a play but I really want to complete my collection of open source programs on my mac.

Photoshop = The Gimp (even though I prefer the photoshop interface).
Dreamweaver = Nvu (even though dreamweaver is one of the best tools around).

And whats the difference in price between them? Obviously it’s mind blowingly huge. From FREE to THOUSANDS of pounds / dollars.

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Nvu now works on an Intel mac under 10.4.7. They must have fixed whatever
problem there was in the Rosetta emulation that Nvu was triggering.
Still not a universal binary (so runs slower than it will when recompiled)
but for a basic webpage editor speed isn’t crucial.

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