Apple are great…. most of the time

Yep, you heard me right, there is something about Apple I don’t like. I’ts their dot mac service. I just don’t see how it works.

When it was launched, yes it was good and it was hard to find anything around that offered the same stuff for the price. An email address, storage, bookmarks synching, groups and mac and apple mail integration. Now there’s also iWeb publishing.

Nowdays, why not do these things instead: Get a gmail account, use or get cheap webspace, use with the firefox extension or flock, make a group on a social networking site, google etc, use thunderbird with your gmail account. You can also use gmail to store files on if you use a firefox extension. Finally, if you got some web hosting (for less than the cost of .mac for a good one, and way less than that for a basic one) you can set up a site or blog with ease. A lot of hosting providers have easy install options for wordpress and drupal which is useful.

The problem for me is .mac is too expensive for what it is. What Apple need to do to make it appeal more is either make it cheaper, or include a cut down version of .mac bundled with every new mac. They could probably increase the price of every mac by about $20 and they would probably make more money than they are from the current .mac subcription charges. You have to be reasonable and say they can’t offer it for free because the service costs a lot to run, but including it in the price of a mac would have to be a approved by a lot of people.

Another Mac related thought.

The PowerMac G5, what will it become when its replaced with a younger, better looking sibling with an intel brain. The thing is, will it take a new name to replace the power?

I would guess its going to be Mac Pro to match the MacBook line. My choice would be Macintosh Pro. It just sounds more pro than just mac. Also it helps to keep people aware that thats what Mac stands for, otherwise people may forget it.

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