83 minutes of stress, then a couple more, then relaxation.

Thats how the England – Trinidad and Tobago match was for everyone in Englnd I’m guessing, or at least it was for me. When you have a team you know should be able to win like we do, its hard to sit there and watch them struggle to get the ball in the net.

When they did finally get the goals, it was impressive. The second one most notibly. It was a long range shot fro Steven Gerrard who is known for that sort of stuff. It was just a matter of him pulling it off.

So thats England qualified for the next round of the tournament and we can take the next game against Sweeden a little more lightly and just relax because although we want to finish top of the group we can’t go out at this stage so we have nothing to lose.

Trinidad and Tobago did play really well defensively and don’t really deserve to go out of the tournament. It depends now if they can stop sweeden from doing so.