Yahoo! are so hard to like

Yahoo, anti mac, anti firefox. How long can that last before it starts costing them. The number of people using internet explorer on windows is dropping all the time, and I expect it to keep doing the same for a while to come because IE 7 is complete crap.

I want to like Yahoo, but they do everything they possibly can to make me think the opposite.

For example, The new Y mail is an improvement on the old one but why the big ad banners? Do you see them on gmail? Nope. I can live with text ads, but not annoying banners. Oh yeah, and gmail offers pop support (thunderbird) for free. No banners or ads of any kind last time I checked.
Y! Music, does it work in firefox on windows? Nope. Does it work in anything on a mac? Nope.

Y! Messenger, does it work on a Mac? Yes, but I’ve already mentioned in a recent post it doesn’t work with voice chat or webcam. Not very good. Adium is better, looks nicer, works better, and works with all IM services.

The only thing I can think of that I like Yahoo for is search, which if you go back to basics, is what they are suppost to be all about. They have a manual site adding process which should give better results than Google or others. I still use google because of their compatability, non-cluttered interface and simple style but Y! is still good.

I also have a feeling my yahoo (which isn’t as good as google personalised home) has some AJAX features (drag and drop content) which only works in IE too.
Now just make everything else as good as your search and you can be great again.